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The country is one of the municipalities in the Val di Cornia, where important wineries (here is produced Doc Val di Cornia Suvereto) and is part of the Association of Wine Cities. It is part of the circuit of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

In the town of Suvereto it can go any visit the Natural Park of Montioni, part of the system of Parks of Val di Cornia, a park with a rich fauna, rare examples of typical Mediterranean flora and important monuments of the Napoleonic era recently restored in the small hamlet of Montioni, such as spas, called "the Baciocca" and a memorial obelisk dedicated to Elisa Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister and Princess of Lucca and Piombino.

Museum of Sacred Art: The museum is housed in the church of St. Michael the Archangel, built in 1881 by the company of Mercy. The church was abandoned shortly after and was used as a parish hall. In 1999, thanks to an excellent restoration, it was restored to look old and was made the current Museum of Sacred Art which houses the works of the parish and the local artistic heritage. In the museum are not only preserved paintings (XVII-XVIII sec.), But also two wooden statues attributed to Lorenzo di Pietro said the Oldie, depicting the announcing angel and the Virgin announced. You can also admire the fifteenth marble tile "Our Lady of the Fountain of Angels" by Andrea Guardi, restored in 1995.

Art Museum Doll - Collection Maria Micaelli: The collection, donated by Maria Micaelli, shows visitors the evolution of construction techniques and change of style occurred in the centuries in the creation of dolls. On display are examples of great historical and artistic importance, and artifacts of various contemporary artists. recommend:


Farm Holidays Villa Boldrini

The "villa" The house dates back to before '900. When rebuilt, the old colonial house was enlarged. It is the centre of a farm of about 40 hectares where among other things, an excellent olive oil is produced. The villa is situated in the province o...

Distance from Suvereto: 6 miles (Campiglia Marittima)


Apartment Rinsacca

Summer rental 2019 various apartments in a lovely semi-detached house or farmhouse with large private garden from 4 to 10 beds consisting of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms + living room + dining room / kitchen, 1 or 2 bathrooms all complete with shower cubicle ...

Distance from Suvereto: 11 miles (Baratti)


Holidays House Mare Etrusco

Summer letting of different kind of apartments in a farmhouse or in a two-flat villa.

Distance from Suvereto: 11 miles (Baratti)


summer sea gulf of baratti
Offer Valid from 13 April to 22 June
Submitted by: Apartment Rinsacca
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